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In an effort to spread the joy of kayak fishing, we have assembled a Kayak Fishing Team comprised of some of the best kayak anglers in the world. They are ambassadors of the sport and experts in their local fishing arenas. Our team members do everything from displaying their skills in kayak fishing tournaments to conducting seminars, and some of them even run their own kayak fishing guide services. They are some of the friendliest folks around, and whether you see them on the water or off, or on our Hobie Kayak Fishing forum, they will always be willing and anxious to share kayak fishing tips and information. Check out our Ambassador, Hobie Factory and State Fishing Team members, and be sure to keep an eye out for our Ambassador at shows and Hobie-sponsored events.

If you fish, your ship has just come in.

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The Hobie Fishing Team provide useful information on safely, fishing, accessories and more.

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Check our calendar for an event near you where you can meet Hobie Fishing Team members, join tournaments or just be part of the experience!

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